Claims Process


Claims are received at Nu-Trend Construction directly from the Adjusters or Customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  Nu-Trend Construction has set protocols for handling both the ‘during’ and ‘after hours’ emergency calls.

Claims are received either directly through e-mail (Xact Analysis) or direct phone calls to Nu-Trend’s head office from either insurance companies, adjusters or Insured’s.  The claims coordinator immediately sets up the claim in our internal system and the insured is contacted within 3-7 minutes via phone call.  Once a job is created with the insured, additional pertinent information regarding the claim is gathered and entered into our unique system.  Depending upon the situation/emergency at hand, the Nu-Trend emergency team also establishes immediate contact and sets up the site visitation. The emergency team provides the adjuster with the ‘initial report’ within 24 hours.

Throughout this contact process, the claims coordinator updates the systems and establishes all key tasks and deadlines. All tasks as assigned are controlled both at the field level as well as the Head Office for complete control.  This includes assigned tasks to sub-contractors as well as the emergency crews, estimators and job coordinators.

After Hours

Emergency calls are received at the Nu-Trend head office and are immediately re-directed/dispatched to the Nu-Trend ‘After Hours Emergency Team’. The team leader is responsible to establish full communications with the insured immediately and establish an emergency handling plan.  Once the emergency team is dispatched, the claim details are processed and set up for the head office claims coordinator to ensure details are gathered for entry into the internal job/task management systems as noted above.  The handling, tasks and timeliness of completion follows the same as noted in the Business Hours for consistency and clarity in job processing.