Total Adjustment Management

Nu-Trend provides quick and reliable customer service, short claim response times, tight cost management and concise reporting to manage all critical business outcomes.

Nu-Trend does this through our unique Total Adjustment Management (TAM) Service. TAM is based on a three tiered Loss Adjusting Service, designed to save you time and money;

  1. Desktop Assessments – for small claims or claims in remote areas where an experienced loss adjuster can more cost effectively assess the damage using photographs and advice from Nu-Trend’s Estimators without attending the site.
  2. Validations (First and Final) – again, for small claims generally in metropolitan areas, where quotes have been provided. It is a one visit service providing a brief one page report with images. Generally, these smaller claims only require a brief report for the claims adjuster to confirm that the damage is consistent with what has been claimed together with an assessment of the costs.
  3. Full Loss Adjusting Services – this is the traditional end to end loss adjusting service where the claim is controlled from the time of receiving the initial Emergency call through to the completion of the repairs, reconstruction or replacement of the goods lost or dam