Shorter Cycles & Controlled Costs

“Fast service, short response times and tight cost management”
– Frank Gabriele

Nu-Trend Construction’s service offering is designed to suit all stakeholders involved in residential and commercial claims, including Insurance Companies, Brokers, Agents, Property Managers, Financial Institutions, Government Organisations and Corporations.

Nu-Trend Construction has designed its work management processes to compliment the needs of its customers.  Many Insurance Claim Executives now insist on measuring the performance of their claim vendors by utilizing job data extracted from various data systems to develop their own “KPI’s” – key performance indicators.  These indicators are equally important to Nu-Trend Construction as a means of controlling performance.  Therefore, with the aid of two important system used internally;

A) Job Mon – job/activities monitoring
B) R-connect – job tasks management, claims are managed very closely producing very timely and accurate results.

These systems are easily adaptable to changing and new needs that occur in our business.

             “Nu-Trend has a restore vs replace mentality to help control cost”
-John Gabriele