R-connect is a system designed by STL Inc. exclusively for the job task management purposes of Nu-Trend Construction.  The current version which has been tested numerous times at the adjuster level, delivers a total task managing and communications tool that assists all parties connected to every claim emergency job assigned to Nu-Trend.

Up until now, Restoration Contractors have not had the means of tracking and recording specific tasks and timeframes for completion of those tasks within a claim job.  Nu-Trend Construction is the first Company in Canada to design an internal system (R-Connect) to give the contractor the ability to become a “Task Master” to control both time and motion.  R-Connect has established Nu-Trend with the ability to strategically manage its own destiny in terms of job task management.

R-Connect provides a full communications network for all parties connected to a specific claim.  The claim owner – (insurance adjuster, property manager, risk manager or commercial building-owner) can in fact become an integral part of this system too.  Should the claim-owner elect to use R-Connect as a means of distribution, the claim can be automatically assigned directly to Nu-trend by the claim-owner.  Once received and initiated by Nu-Trend, all activities and tasks are then monitored by the connected parties.  This can also include third party organizations and sub contractors who are a part of the specific claim processing.  If the claim-owner has specific requirements regarding time-line service expectations or agreed upon service-level formulas, these all can be implemented within the task managing process.  Thereby, the claim-owner can virtually guarantee its own service level requirements and manage this in a real time fashion.  This flexibility of R-Connect ensures Nu-Trend with the ability to adapt and meet the different and similar service needs of its clientele base.

Unlike all of its Competition, Nu-trend can not only use this as a key marketing tool but it also has the ability to fully back its claim to providing top-level service with definitive facts and supportive data to qualify its service promise.  This system enables Nu-Trend to manage all key tasks in a real time fashion.  This gives Nu-trend the opportunity to ensure time frames for tasks are met and all actions and completed tasks are quantified and communicated to relevant claim job partners.  No other competitor can do this outside of Xact Analysis users who can only look at their data after-the-fact to determine conformity to rules and standards.