6 Steps In The Standard Claim Process

The following six steps outlines how a typical claim is handled at Nu-Trend Construction.

  1. Claim reported to either the Insurance Carrier or Nu-Trend Construction via;
    a) Direct phone contact at 416-747-1613.
    b) E-mail, Fax and/or emergency call centre after hours.
    c) Direct connection available through Xactanalysis.
  2. Nu-Trend Construction arranges emergency services and/or set an inspection time and date for one of our certified estimators.
  3. Estimate prepared by estimator based on site inspection and/or emergency services provided. Estimate forwarded to Insurance Carrier for review and/or approval.
  4. Receipt of the estimate approval from Insurance Carrier automatically triggers restoration process. Job Coordinator is assigned by Nu-Trend Construction to contact insured and review the scope of repairs. Schedule for repairs is presented to the insured.
  5. Upon receipt of signed authorization from insured, repairs commence based on the agreed schedule.
  6. Job Coordinator makes regular job site visits to confirm progress of repairs. At the completion of repairs, a final inspection of the repairs is completed by the Job Coordinator, along with the insured, to confirm that the completion of repairs is based on the estimate. Approval of the repairs is obtained from the insured. Invoice for completed repairs submitted by Nu-Trend Construction to insured’s Insurance Carrier on behalf of the insured.